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                  HISTORICAL BACKGROUND                     

IT Department

WELCOME TO OUR DEPARTMENT WHERE -          The integration of I.C.T. in teaching and learning. -          The digitalization  of the curriculum will

Organisational structure

-          B.O.G   -          P.T.A.   -          PRINCIPAL   -     &

Geographic location

GEOGRAPHICAL CHARACTERITCS: -          Vegetation- -          Rainfall-  about 1,000-1,500 mm per annum. -      &

Students council

The school have a well established students council headed by students warden. The council is directly elected by  the students in a democratic manner but guided by the administrators. A Parallel body of prefect runs the school having been appoi


OPPORTUNITIES OF THE SCHOOL Some community members report indiscipline cases done by  students outside the school. Some community members  market the school within. The school has good relationship  with provincial administr


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